Hand Game (Janken)

Janken famously known as Rock Paper Scissor often used as a fair choosing method is a hand game using three hand signs.
- Gu: (rock) simply ball your hand up into a fist. (Gu wins Choki)
- Choki: (scissors) use two fingers to mimic the shape. (Choki wins Pa)
- Pa: (paper) extend your hand palm down.. (Pa wins Gu)

Use random command with number 3 if you want to decide Gu, Choki or Pa by your computer.
For instance 0 means Gu, 1 means Choki, 2 means Pa.
Try to type RUN or press F5 key repeatedly!
Press F5 key and say your hand sign to fight after your call "Jan ken"!
Try to judge by computer.
Let's try!
1. Try to fight your friend's computer program!
2. Try to create the weakest computer!
3. Try to create Janken game with 3 players, you and 2 computers!
CC BY IchigoJam print https://github.com/IchigoJam/print/ IchigoJam®jig.jp